Ventana Mailing Address

Dear family, friends and faithful supporters,

A couple from Murrieta, Ca recently contacted us about some concerns they were having with our website (or lack thereof). They knew we were in transition and presently making vast changes to the website. However, they yearned to give a little gift for end-of-the-year tax purposes and couldn’t locate our mailing address. 

For those who year to give toward the general fund you should make the gift payable to Ventana Ministries so we can send you appropriate receipt for your tax records. 

Please mail the gift or any other inquiries to the following address:

Ventana Ministries  

31938 Temecula Prkwy #A332  

Temecula, Ca 92592-6841

December near the Ventana campus. 

December near the Ventana campus. 

VomSteeg Sabbatical Announcement


Dear friends and supporters of everything Ventana,

We North Americans don’t usually do it too well.  Some of us give it a half-effort on Sundays.  Some of us don’t do it at all.  Rest.  Such a common word.  Does it sound boring?  Unrealistic?  Impractical?  I’d rather not run to Mr. Webster again, but he’s just so… logical.  

“the refreshing quiet or repose of sleep… mental or spiritual calm… to refresh oneself, as by lying down or relaxing… to be at ease; have tranquility or peace… to cease from motion or activity; stop.”  

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October 2013 Update

                                 Full Circle Randomness

Happy October!  Is it too early to talk about Christmas?  Yes.  The answer’s yes!  We haven’t even gotten to the month of extreme thankfulness!  Sheesh.  The stores that put out Christmas decor in September are so eager to make a buck off the red and green, that we almost bypass the most awesome hues of brown and orange that nature doles out in force.  Well, not so much down here, but I’ve heard they’re gorgeous on the east coast.  New England in the fall; add that to the bucket list. 


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September 2013 - Update

                                A Waltz, A Tractor & A Hoarder

Though most of us would think it a waste of time and money to make a big to-do out of the end of elementary school, it’s a substantial event in Mexico.  Years ago there wasn’t an emphasis on the importance of school.  Plus, quite a large population of students would finish the 6th grade and then have  to quit in order to work.  Not for a self-paying, interest-earning, savings account, “this is MY money” type  of job.  It was more of a “you’re part of this family and we might not eat next Thursday if you don’t contribute financially.”  My cotton-pickin’ grandmother would have related to this.  I’m not being disrespectful—she really worked in a cotton field.  In Alabama.  As a child. 

The point is, if 6th grade graduation is the only graduation you’re ever going to be a part of, it better be memorable. These days it’s extremely rare for a student in this town to not continue their education past elementary school. But the tradition stuck, thus the annual celebration that’s more than the typical advancement ceremony.

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May 2013 Update: Rest, Re-Evaluate, Remain

Dear Friend,

Every institution should be willing to change.  

Pixar initially started making hard drives for the movie industry. They morphed into an animation studio that was so successful that Disney scooped them up.

Apple initially started to make parts for computer hobbyists. They morphed into a world-dominator of technology gadgets.

Netscape initially started as a internet browser. They didn’t keep up and became obsolete. 

At Ventana we sense a shift is in order. 

Our applications have dwindled due to the financial downturn. Short-term mission groups are looking for “safer” options. The student clientele has seemed to slip from initiators and campus leaders to those who are in transition and unsure. 

Yet, we’ve been faithfully facing these challenges. We’ve never been about the numbers. We’ve never measured success in the immediate. We’ve never faced a budget crisis (thanks to countless regular supporters). 

Additionally, the climb up the hill hasn’t been getting any easier. Linking with churches hasn’t been easy or sustained. We’ve wanted to partner with other ministries but few have emerged.  And even more challenging is trying to convince parents that going directly into college isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” scenario.  

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